Well, in certain cases I can do a photo for you, but you should have in mind few things. First, is that any job should be paid. Second, is that I have other things to do, and because of that – total price will depend on time consuptions. At least price should cover the time spent, or be an equall somehow, and of course I wanna have some profit as anyone would.

As you saw – there is a lot of nature or objects stuff in my albums but almost no people. That is, because I prefer not to work with people. If you want to shot some funny wedding or any other party – look for another cameraman, I will not go for it. If you need just few shots – maybe we can discuss it.

About purchasing of photos that I have here. I have a profile at 500px, so any photo from your request can be uploaded there so you can buy it with reasonable price that set by a market itself. As you maybe saw that some photos was shared with Wikipedia by me. Those photos are free to use under conditions that described in Wikipedia. If you took my photo from Wikipedia you should just mention who is the author.